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What Is The Importance Of Learning Pre-Employability Skills?

Having a job is one of the most important aspects of enjoying an independent life, which is why it is essential people with learning disabilities are given the skills they need to become employable.

So, what are these pre-employment skills for adults with learning disabilities, and how can those with additional needs be encouraged to develop them?

As opposed to maths, English and IT education, pre-employability skills focus on what a person needs to be independent in a workplace.

For instance, they need to understand the concept of time and learn how to manage it. This can be taught through a series of timers and alarms, helping individuals to cope with their time management difficulties.

People will also have to improve their basic hygiene, so they turn up to work with clean hair, bodies, faces and clothes. They need to be reminded of the importance of brushing their hair and teeth, dressing neatly, and looking after injuries, so they don’t worsen.

Presentation and self-care is important to bosses, as this reflects on the company too. They also show that their staff can take care of themselves and are responsible adults.

Something else that is essential before being employable is undergoing travel training. This involves learning how they can get to their job, whether by walking or public transport.

Students need to have a contingency plan if their travel route becomes disrupted, for example their train is cancelled. They also need to practise having some flexibility with their routine, so they do not panic if their journey is affected.

Aside from these, those with learning disabilities will practise ways to improve their communication and social development, so they can fit into the workplace and feel confident they are able to contribute as much as the rest of the team.

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