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What is Oak Lodge?

Oak Lodge is a skills hub for adults with diverse disabilities supporting social and emotional development. We are client led and full of a range of activities to encourage our clients to maintain their level of existing skills and learn new ones. Promoting independence is at the forefront of what we do, supporting each client individually so they feel empowered to live the life they want, as independently as possible.

Let us help support the transition from leaving education to thriving in the real world. Whether that is supporting people to live independently, helping people with complex needs live a content life or providing meaningful and fun activities, we will work towards each personal goal.


Where is Oak Lodge?

Oak Lodge skills hub is based in The Chilterns Centre in High Wycombe. We are very accessible for our clients and offer them the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of activities. As we are central, we are able to go on meaningful trips into the community, supporting our clients to practice life skills as well as social skills. For example, going to the local shop or park.


We are very proud to say that all of our current clients have been a part of the development of our hub, sharing their ideas to help build a space they will love and enjoy.

Why Oak Lodge?

We do everything with our clients in mind!

Everything is activity-based and led by the client

We help and encourage our clients with accessing the community 

Our clients are encouraged to develop and learn important life skills 

1:1 or group services are available 

Individual support plans are created for each client

Dedicated support workers assist and encourage our clients to reach their goals

We have provided a safe and developmental environment in the

heart of the local community


At Oak Lodge, we are passionate about getting out and about and experiencing what’s on offer together.

As well as offering a range of group activities, we understand the importance of supporting each clients individual needs. Oak Lodge have put together personalised daily plans for each client, this includes tailored activities to suit their needs.

Some examples of the types of activities our clients get up to:

Independent Life Skills

Disability Multi Sports

Pre-Employability Skills

Domestic Tasks

Yoga and Meditation 


Community Access

Oak Lodge Sensory Room

Oak Lodge IT Training

Arts and Crafts

Oak Lodge Activity Area

Oak Lodge Fitness Area

Personal Care

Maths and English

Basic Admin Skills

We are also very excited to offer our accredited IT course which teaches clients a range of computer skills, from mouse control to being able to use Microsoft Word. The focus of our IT course is to teach our clients the essential IT skills needed whilst also accommodating for their individual needs and abilities. Click here to read more

Want to have a look around Oak Lodge?
Click below for a visual tour 

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Open Monday to Friday - 9am-5pm

Weekend clubs coming soon!

Please enquire below to arrange a tour of Oak Lodge or call 01494 417500.

Looking to make a self referral? 

If you would like to become part of Oak Lodge, please enquire below.

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