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What our clients say:

“The manager is good”, “she will come and sit with me”, “if I have a problem will come and talk”
“staff will support me and us when we are sad or angry” 
“Feel safe with the senior, the manager and all the staff. Have to feel safe or will start to feel insecure”

What our Auditors say:

“Each client is treated as an individual and with dignity and respect”
“In discussions with one of the Service Users they confirmed that they were ‘encouraged to do lots of stuff to gain independence’.”
“Service Users were observed participated in a range of activities these included, arts and crafts, nail painting, a trip to the pantomime, going for a walk, quiet 1:1 time and a group sing along session where Service Users had the chance to practice some of their Makaton skills.”

What our staff say:

"At Oak Lodge we have great members of staff who work together as team, we support each other and meet the adults needs. I enjoy being at Oak Lodge, it’s a wonderful place to work."
"It's so lovely to see the clients gain independence through achieving their goals and participating in meaningful activities"

What the parents/guardians say:

"The support you provide genuinely makes such a difference to the lives of the families and is hugely appreciated, I don't think it gets said enough, so thank you!"
"We have seen such a change in *client* over the last couple of months, they seem to be really enjoying coming to Oak Lodge now"
"Thank you for taking *client* swimming, I couldn’t be more pleased that they are able to do this!"
"I am so happy with Oak Lodge and the support *client* is getting, he is so much happier now and looks forward to coming to Oak Lodge every day"
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