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Living Independently With A Learning Disability

Many adults living with learning disabilities may be unsure of their options when it comes to living independently.

Many adults living with disabilities are able to live fully independently and there are also many support options available for those who would like some additional help and assistance.

There are many organisations available to provide help to adults with learning disabilities in learning skills which can help them to be more independent and self-sufficient in their daily lives.

While also teaching valuable life skills, it provides people with a safe, caring space to meet others struggling with similar issues and make friends along the way. Building a community that strives to help each other.

These services can be especially helpful to those currently in transitional periods of their life. This can include people leaving school, starting university or wanting to move away from home for the first time.

These periods of transition can be difficult for anyone so having a support system in place can ensure they aren’t as unsettling.

This can help to make a personalised plan which aids individuals in moving forward, establishing a routine and highlighting areas in which they feel they may need additional help.

While also teaching important life skills, these services can also aid in developing social and emotional skills which are vital in ensuring individuals are able to properly communicate their needs with others.

This gives people greater independence as it allows them to learn how to properly communicate their wants and needs and allows them to ask for help in situations they may not previously have experienced before living independently.

Having full access to community support and the ability to ask for help when needed and even give it to others all aid in allowing a person to live as independently as possible and enjoy a full, content life.

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