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Fun And Unconventional Ways To Learn Skills

One of the most wonderful aspects of learning is that there is no right way to pick up skills, talents and hobbies, with everyone learning in a slightly different way.

Traditionally, most people learn in one of four ways:

● Visual: Learning by seeing

● Auditory: Learning by listening

● Reading/Writing: Learning by taking notes, jotting information down and reading books

● Kinaesthetic: Learning by doing

Regardless of the skill you want to learn, there are a lot of creative, fun and unconventional ways to get started with learning and building up those skills.

Start A Club

Enjoying hobbies and learning skills is so much more enjoyable when you are with other people, as you can share ideas, share what you know and learn from others, so the best way to learn a skill is to start a club.

This can be at a local respite centre, a hobby shop or anywhere where you can meet like-minded people, who all come from different places and have different ideas to share but are all united by a common interest.

This can be a music group, a book club, a society based around a particular game or any other group of people. Forming a club helps everyone in the club learn more and have fun doing it.

Set A Goal And Break It Down

A lot of the reasons people who want to learn a language or a musical instrument stop learning is that it can feel like climbing a mountain that suddenly becomes a sheer cliff. There are so many cliffs to scale that some people may wonder if the work is even worth it and if they are getting anywhere.

A good way around this is to be clear about what you want to learn. Instead of wanting to learn the guitar, for instance, set a goal of learning to play a song or a group of songs.

Once you do that, break down each song into all of the skills you need to learn to do it, such as how to make the different chord shapes or how to strum the guitar in time to the music and practice each part separately, putting them together when you feel confident.

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