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Different Ways Yoga Helps People With Learning Disabilities

Yoga is a great form of exercise and meditation for everyone, not least people with learning disabilities who can really benefit from the practice.

Boost body awareness

One of the ways yoga is beneficial is it increases body awareness. As you are required to do different balances and poses, this boosts strength and flexibility.

It can also improve co-ordination through the movement into various yoga poses.

Improve concentration

Yoga is not a fast exercise, and the challenge is in being disciplined and controlled when performing moves. This helps to improve concentration, focusing on breathing deeply and holding positions. This can lead to feeling mentally revitalised and strong.


As it also incorporates meditation, yoga can be very relaxing. The deep breathing exercises, along with the calming music can cause tension to go in facial, shoulder and neck muscles where stress is often held. Consequently, it can help adults with learning disabilities manage their emotions and feel better connected to themselves.

Social communication

It also improves communication skills. By having to use different ways to communicate, such as through movement, this helps to develop social skills.

Clients are able to create friendships and learn how to trust others, as well as have confidence in themselves.

If you want to find out more about practising yoga and meditation, call Oak Lodge, our day centre for adults with learning disabilities, today.

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