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Top Tips For Learning Skills For Independence

As well as being fun to learn and really rewarding to master, skills for independence are an ideal way to set yourself up for success once they become second nature.

Because ultimately what matters is not how you learn these skills but that you have them to apply to your day-to-day life, there are a lot of ways to learn, a lot of places to learn from and a lot of people and resources to act as your teacher.

Not all of these ways will suit every person, but here are some top tips for learning skills that will be used every day.

Backward Chaining

Whilst it can seem a bit strange to some, often it can be easier to learn a new skill working backwards, learning the last step of the process first and going through every step of the task until you can do it front to back and back to front.

Typically how backward chaining works is that someone takes you through every step of the process, before asking you to complete the last step yourself.

For example, if you are cooking pasta, the last step is to dry the washed saucepan and put it away, so a teacher will guide you to do that, and show you the remaining parts. Then the next time, you will do the last two steps and so on.

Break It Down

Every single life skill we learn is made up of smaller tasks, so if a skill feels too difficult to learn, work out each individual part of the task and learn that.

Returning to the cooking analogy, people learn to cook pasta dishes by learning each skill individually. So they will learn how to prepare the saucepan, how to boil the pasta, how to drain it, how to add the sauce and how to put it in a bowl in separate steps.

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