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Staffordshire Learning Disabilities Centre Plans May Emulate Bucks

With private sector organisations like Oak Lodge offering some outstanding care and learning opportunities to help residents fulfil their potential, is starting to have an influence elsewhere, with some councils seeing what charities and private sector bodies are able to do and seeking to emulate it by upgrading their own facilities (our own care is funded by both private and public sources).

Staffordshire is the latest case of a county council that has devised its own plan to boost its care facilities for those with physical and learning disabilities.

"These new plans show that adults with a learning disability in Staffordshire can look forward to modern facilities that give them the support they need,” Said cabinet member for health and care Julia Jessel, adding that they will be “flexible enough to move with them as their circumstances change".

Explaining the plan, she said: “We have listened to those who use the service and their families, and this investment will meet the needs of users in updated, modern surroundings in communities across the county.”

It may be that those in neighbouring counties and local authorities will come to envy what might be achieved in Staffordshire, although there are opportunities for them to enhance their own plans. For example, Cheshire East’s three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities took effect in 2019, meaning it is due for renewal and potential revision.

Located in the heart of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Oak Lodge is a unique facility providing an environment for adults with learning disabilities to learn and develop essential life skills and become more independent. With structured activities such as pre-employment and domestic skills, travel training and more, Oak Lodge is committed to helping every individual reach their potential and achieve independence. A safe and supportive atmosphere is provided, allowing individuals to learn and practice the skills they need to live independently and confidently. Through individualised support, Oak Lodge works to ensure that each and every person who comes through their door can reach their goals and become more independent.

To find out more about what we do or you would like to join us, contact us via our visit or email

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