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How Skills Hubs Can Assist With Transitioning Into Adulthood

Many young adults living with disabilities may struggle to find their independence and get used to life as an adult. As children, we are often given all the support and care we need until we are thrust into the adult world to fend for ourselves.

Those living with disabilities may not have the skills and experiences necessary to tackle adulthood on their own though, therefore assistance and guidance may be necessary to allow them to enjoy their independence as fully as possible

The challenges faced by those with disabilities are much different to able-bodied individuals, therefore understanding the support they require is essential in ensuring they are equipped to take on life.

Skills Hubs are fantastic places where adults with disabilities can go to spend time learning all the essential life skills they will need. They also provide a safe space where they can seek help and advice for issues they may be facing.

The life skills taught can range from anything as simple as catching public transport to preparing for a job interview, as well as skills such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of personal hygiene.

These are all essential skills which will help to prepare someone for living independently and they are very important, especially if the person has never lived alone before.

These centres can also help to prepare people to enter the working world. By giving them the skills they need to gain employment, through practising interviews and social skills.

It is also a chance to socialise and interact with friends. Living alone for the first time can be scary and sometimes lonely, therefore having a safe space to socialise in can be incredibly comforting and helpful for those who need it.

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