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Learn IT Training Course Overview

Oak Lodge have been working hard to develop our specialist IT training course, focusing on catering to the needs and abilities of our clients. Learn IT has 4 levels of IT training which will help to improve computer skills and encourage individual learning.

Each user will have their own individual logins which will give them full access to the 4 levels of IT training. For each sub-course, there are audible instructions available if needed. The levels include educational games which are great for interactive learning and a good way for users to put their new skills into practice.


  • Using Microsoft Word Level 1

  • Using a Computer Level 1

  • Using the Internet

  • Laminating

  • Level 1 certificate 


  • Using a Computer Level 3

  • Using Microsoft Word Level 3

  • Level 3 certificate


  • Using a Computer Level 2

  • Using Microsoft Word Level 2

  • Level 2 certificate


  • Using Microsoft Word Level 4

  • Level 4 certificate 

We are extremely proud of all of our clients who have completed Level 1 of the IT course and we are super excited to watch them learn more skills and progress to Level 2. Every user will receive a certificate of completion for every level they successfully pass.

Learn IT Demo

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