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The Importance Of Independent Living For Individuals With Learning Disabilities

Independent living plays a crucial role in allowing individuals living with learning disabilities to live a fulfilling life. It allows them to exercise their autonomy, participate as active members of society and enjoy their lives without relying on others.

This allows them to exercise self-determination and gives them the opportunity to actively make decisions for themselves about themselves.

Support in setting goals and aspirations is a key part of this as they are then able to move forward with their lives, making choices which help them to reach and achieve these.

This can help them to grow and develop their personal skills and encourage people living with disabilities to develop essential life skills.

Many people living with disabilities will not have had the chance to develop these skills otherwise, which makes supported independent living all the more important.

These skills include maintaining a house, maintaining personal hygiene, managing finances, cooking, cleaning and doing other day-to-day tasks which would not be experienced if living with others.

All of these benefits work to help enhance their quality of life. Independent living gives people the opportunity to experience life the same way everyone else does.

Increased freedom allows them to pursue activities they enjoy, develop personal interests and hobbies and establish their own personality and sense of self.

This can be extremely useful in social situations too as it allows them to explore who they are, and what they enjoy and then surround themselves with other people who have similar interests and hobbies.

Independent living doesn’t necessarily mean these individuals will not receive support, but it will be much more personalised and tailored to their needs and will help to encourage them to be self-reliant and complete daily tasks on their own, with assistance only when it is needed.

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