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Summer Party at Oak Lodge – A Summer Frolics Extravaganza!

June ended with a bang at Oak Lodge as we threw our annual summer party, embracing the theme of "Summer Frolics." Our clients and staff went all out, transforming the place into a vibrant summer wonderland. We had a colourful balloon arch, garlands, streamers, and tons of inflatable props like frames, ice cream cones, and beach balls that brought the summer vibes to life! Everyone rocked their best summer and beach attire, making the atmosphere as lively as a sun-soaked day at the beach.

A Theatrical Delight with Rah Rah Theatre Company

The highlight of the morning was an amazing performance by the Rah Rah Theatre Company, who brought their hilarious show, aptly named "Summer Frolics," to our Skills Hub. These guys took us on a trip down memory lane with a nod to the classic holiday camp entertainment in Britain. Their performance was a mix of nostalgic and catchy tunes that had everyone singing along in no time. We couldn't stop laughing as this talented group delivered their funniest show yet, setting the perfect tone for the rest of the day.

Let the Games Begin!

After the show, the party continued with a series of lively games. First up was an energetic game of volleyball. Clients and staff took turns spiking, setting, and serving the ball over the net, cheering each other on with every hit.

Then, we turned the volleyball net into a limbo bar, where everyone showed off their flexibility and skills, bending and shimmying to the rhythm of the music. But the fun didn't end there! We brought out a game of floor darts, using a ball and a Velcro mat. Each client aimed for the bullseye with competitive spirits running high, pushing everyone to hit that centre circle. The room buzzed with excitement and friendly rivalry as each person took their turn, and cheers and laughter erupted with every successful throw.

Unforgettable Summer Fun at Oak Lodge

The day was a huge success, filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us, especially the amazing Rah Rah Theatre Company, for making the event truly spectacular. Here's to many more joyful gatherings and unforgettable summer parties at Oak Lodge! Until next time, let's keep the frolics alive.

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