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Local Authority Funding 

Your Social Worker will be able to talk you through this process. Oak Lodge is an approved provider and works closely with Adult Social Care. Your Social Worker may refer you directly to Oak Lodge, where we can assist you with this process.

The first step will be a care and support needs assessment, this will tell you how much support you may need and how much funding you are entitled to so that you can pay for your support.

For an assessment and local authority funding you will need to contact Adult Social Care to arrange this.  If you do not have a Social Worker we can assist with connecting you with Adult Social Care.


Once funding has been granted, payment is either through your local authority via council payments or by direct payment card. This will be invoiced to you.


Under the Care Act 2014, all local authorities have to follow a set criteria to decide who is entitled to support. Where you live does not impact the funding you are entitled to. 

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