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How To Best Support Adults With Learning Disabilities

Living with a learning disability can be incredibly difficult, however it doesn’t mean that you cannot still live life to its fullest. Additional support and care can provide adults living with learning disabilities with everything they need to succeed in all they want to do.

Every person is unique and different and therefore every disability will require different support and care. This will differ from person to person, even if they have the same disability, their needs will still be different so tailoring your support to each individual is vital in ensuring they receive the additional care they need.

Learning alternative forms of communication, such as sign language or Makaton, is a great way to help support adults with learning disabilities.

Many people struggle with verbal communication, so having the skills to communicate in other ways can be extremely helpful when working with people with learning disabilities. It allows them a way to express themselves, and communicate and gives them more independence.

Another way to offer support is by helping people to engage with skills hubs and other services which will give them the knowledge they need to live more independently.

The skills learned can be invaluable to independent living and giving people the chance to access the support they need. This can include learning social skills, such as how to speak to people in social situations, how to spot social cues and other skills.

It can also aid in giving people the skills needed to run a home, look after and support themselves independently and even build on skills necessary to get a job.

This can be invaluable for people who may otherwise struggle with these situations and provides support in a caring, understanding environment with people trained to provide the best service possible.

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