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Skills That Help Young Adults With Learning Disabilities

Transitioning from school to the working world is daunting for everyone, particularly for those with learning disabilities. That is why it is valuable to pick up as many skills as possible to help with the change, providing tools they are likely to need in the future.

Computer skills

These days, everything is digitalised, so it is important to know how to use computers, apps, tablets and mobile phones. Most young adults are better at technology than their parents, but IT skills can be difficult for those with additional needs to master.

Using a day centre for adults with learning disabilities to pick up important IT qualifications could boost their confidence as they embark on this big transition. They can learn the basics from controlling the mouse through to using Microsoft Word and the internet. This will help them develop independent living skills as they grow older.


Being able to look after your own emotional and mental wellbeing is an essential life skill to have, which is why taking yoga and meditation classes is becoming popular. Learning how to relax, unwind, calm down and recentre yourself will help with difficult moments, particularly through this challenging phase of life.

Going for a walk

Going for a walk is one of life’s greatest liberties most people take for granted. It enables us to enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, exercise our body, and take part in social interactions with those you meet.

However, walking independently to the park or shops is often difficult for people with learning disabilities, which is why learning how to do this is so important for their confidence, and emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

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