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Skills Hub

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At our skills hub, our main priority is the needs and interests of our clients. Our client-centred approach means that we actively involve everyone in shaping the content and activities offered within the hub, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging. 

Clients can explore a diverse range of activities to not only maintain their existing skills but also to cultivate new ones. From interactive maths-based group sessions and 1:1 sessions to days out in the community, there's something for everyone, whatever their needs.


We understand that the transition from education to the real world can be daunting, which is why our skills hub serves as a supportive environment where clients can build confidence and adaptability. Whether it's developing their professional skills for the workplace or acquiring practical life skills, we provide the resources and guidance needed to thrive out there in the world.  

As we have a friendly engaging group, Oak Lodge provides a create way to socialise, as well as learning and improving social skills.

Clients come to Oak Lodge either as an interim progressive placement or somewhere they can stay for longer term, getting out of the house, learning and making friends.


Our dedicated team is committed to empowering clients every step of the way, offering personalised support plans and encouragement to help them reach their full potential. Together, we can turn the journey from education to real-world success into a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Please enquire below to find out how we can support you or arrange a tour of Oak Lodge Skills Hub.


As well as offering a range of group activities, we understand the importance of supporting each client's individual needs. Oak Lodge has put together personalised daily plans for each client, which include tailored activities to suit their needs.

Some examples of the types of activities our clients get up to:

Maths and English


Yoga and Meditation 

Disability Multi Sports

Domestic Tasks

Independent Life Skills

Community Access




Social Community

Day Trips

Oak Lodge Sensory Room

Oak Lodge Fitness Area

Oak Lodge Activity Area

We are also very excited to offer our accredited IT course which teaches clients a range of computer skills, from mouse control to being able to use Microsoft Word. The focus of our IT course is to teach our clients the essential IT skills needed whilst also accommodating for their individual needs and abilities. Click here to read more


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If you would like to become part of Oak Lodge, please enquire below.

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